Your Scaregull comprises of a hub, a mounting pin, 2 arms, 2 sails and a deck mounting block.One sail is mounted on each arm. A brass sleeve goes over each spindle. A combined sleeve and spindle is inserted into each arm and is secured with a stainless washer and clip.(Picture A) The sails should be positioned as diagram B to ensure that the Scaregull.

The arms push into the hub and are secured with a stainless clip. The assembled Scaregull fits over the mounting pin and is secured with a stainless clip.The deck mounting block can be fitted to any level surface with the 2 screws supplied (use a 3mm drill).

The 150mm / 6” mounting pin needs to be vertical to ensure proper rotation. If your deck or surface is not horizontal use our variable angle bracket for correction.If additional clearance is needed then a 300mm / 12” mounting pin is available.