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The Scaregull story starts here: a beautiful, calm summer’s day on the coast and the family all want to get out boating. Before you can go, however, someone has to undertake the unpleasant task of cleaning the boat of the messy deposits left by the boat’s sometime residents: the seagulls. In 2010 we launch Scaregull, a seagull deterrent allowing us to spend less time cleaning and more time boating.

It has made our boating experiences considerably less messy, we hope it allows you to enjoy more pleasant time on the water as well. Based in the UK, Scaregull is owned and run by a family of boat lovers.

Seagull Facts

  • The three most common gulls in the UK are the Common Gull, the Lesser Black Backed Gull and the Herring Gull.
  • Gulls mate for life and can have three chicks each year for 15 years! Each pair of gulls will produce 45 young.
  • Gulls are most agressive and noisy during the breeding season, April – June.


All Scaregull products have a 12 month warranty. Faulty parts returned to us within 12 months will be replaced on an exchange basis.

Correctly executed orders returned within 14 days in good condition will be entitled to a full refund.

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Scaregull, 14 Pullens Field, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 0BU, United Kingdom.